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Nichelle Nichols

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The original (and best) Uhura in the cult series Star Trek, Nichelle Nichols was the stunning lieutenant on the 1st enterprise.

Her role was 1 of the 1st predominant roles for an African American and her famous kiss with William Shatner, cited as the 1st interracial kiss on TV, no doubt broke down many barriers.

Ms Nichols had wanted to quit the role after the 1st season but seeing the importance in her position, Dr Martin Luther King persuaded her to stay.

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Diana Dors

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The English equivalent to you know who (future post), but Ms Dors should never be accused of imitating, only being 5 years the unmentioned’s junior.

Diana Dors forged a sturdy career as a model and actress and even had the Hollywood style divorces, being married 3 times, before her untimely death by cancer.

She was 1 of the 1st of her type anywhere in the world and left an indelible mark in popular culture.

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Bettie Page

Category : Flashback , Models

The 1st in a new feature called Flashbacks, we feature women of yesteryear who had an extraordinary impact on popular culture.

Where better to start than the “Queen of Pinups” Bettie Page?

Her jet black hair, blue eyes and trademark bangs along with her curvaceous figure made her the most popular woman in the 1950’s.

The kinda woman who has guys wishing time travel was possible.