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Connie Nielsen

Category : Film , Redheads

The Danish beauty who wowed us in Devil’s Advocate. We think she was born a brunette but she has sported blonde hair aswell.

Due to our lack of redheads at this moment in time and her impact in the aforementioned film she is going into our list as an honorary redhead.

She is brains aswell as beauty, speaking 8 different languages.

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Queen Rania of Jordan

Category : Brunettes , Royalty

Rania al Yassin is the current Queen consort of Jordan as the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan.

Queen Rania always handles herself with impeccable grace and is a global advocate and voice for education.

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Dita Von Teese

Category : Black haired , Models

Born Heather Renée Sweet in Michigan, Dita Von Teese became popular for her Burlesque shows and wedding Marilyn Manson, who was a member of her website.

Von Teese is well known for her fascination with 1940s cinema and classic retro style, and we think the beauty of part Armenian descent deserves a place in our list.

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Jada Pinkett Smith

Category : Black haired , Film

The wife of Hollywood A-lister Will Smith, Jada got her first big break in the 1996 Eddie Murphy film, The Nutty Professor.

She was a childhood friend of Hip Hop superstar, Tupac Shakur and is now grooming her kids along with Will, to become the next superstars, with her son Jaden already gracing hollywood and daughter Willow carving out a singing career.

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Adriana Lima

Category : Brunettes , Models

The pixy looking, green eyed Brazilian beauty, started her modelling career by accident, accompanying a friend to a model competition and getting called back.

Since then she has gone from strength to strength and the 5’10 model has worked for Guess, Versace and most notably Victoria’s Secret.

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Hayden Panettiere

Category : Blondes , Film

“Save the cheerleader, save the world”

If you are under 35 and haven’t heard the slogan, where have you been for the last 5 years?

This über cute blonde was the star in the hit tv series “Heroes” which brought her to mainstream worldwide attention and made her 1 of the most recognised teenagers on the planet, she has however been a prominent actress since her childhood.

She is currently dating heavyweight champion boxer Wladimir Klitchsko.

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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Category : Black haired , Film , Models

One of the most striking women in the world the 37 year old Indian 1st started out as a model before winning the Miss World crown in the 90’s, this led to a career as an accomplished actress.

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Sanaa Lathan

Category : Black haired , Film

The New Yorker with the 1st name nobody knows how to pronounce.

Her first name means “brilliance” in Arabic and “work of art” in Swahili and we certainly agree with both of those descriptions of Sanaa (pronounced Sah-ni-ah) Lathan.

She is a successful actress and is currently dating music mogul chief Steve Rifkind.

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Padma Lakshmi

Category : Brunettes , Film , Models

This actress and model got her mainstream break hosting the American food reality show Top Chef.

The Indian cookbook author is almost as much known for the scar on her right arm as she is for her beauty, she was once also married to Salman Rushdie, this gives guys all around the world hope.